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Types of Vibrators and Finding the Best One for You

Types of Vibrators and Finding the Best One for You


Vibrators have been around since the 1880’s after the legendary (in our opinion) physician Dr. Granville invented it as a medical device for men. It was used mainly to treat pain, spinal disease and deafness and the male perineum to treat impotence. There are some conflicting stories about the origin and creation of this beloved toy but as far as we can tell, this one has been backed the most.

During the early 1990’s the vibrator was marketed to the general public as both a domestic and medical device with all kinds of promises from eliminating wrinkles to curing tuberculosis…. Obviously, doctors didn’t use vibrators to stimulate the clitoris and it was actually the fact that sexual excitement or arousal was occurring, that caused the biggest objection on this for medical purposes but the realisation that using vibrators for pleasure became real and known by more and more people.

The growing popularity prompted the creation of the Rabbit Vibrator in the 1990’s and following that, a combination of the appearance on Sex and the City during 1998 and the creation of online shopping, thrusted vibrators in the limelight and the rest is history.  The never-ending debate of the best vibrator has driven design innovation and sales have skyrocketed to place vibrators, in our opinion as the best-selling sex toy of all time. Even though the technology has evolved significantly, new styles and new features are being released more often than I can keep track and there is always something being developed behind closed doors in pursuit of the ultimate vibrator and toe-curling orgasms... which let’s face it, is generally the goal with this type of toy…amirite

It is now 2024 and there are literally dozens of different vibrators on the market with varying styles, functionality and benefits but in an attempt to narrow it down to the most popular types, I have compiled a list below with the most popular types to help you choose the best vibrator for you but first, lets look at the benefits.

5 Benefits of Using a Vibrator and when to use one


Self-exploration and Learning About Your Body 

Using a vibrator can be a fantastic way to learn about your body, erogenous zones and what feels good for you. The varying shapes, sizes, vibration speeds and functions can be a great way to push your pleasure boundaries safely, solo or with a trusted partner. Identifying your sensitive spots or hot spots with a vibrator can be much easier than during intercourse and can help you guide yourself or your partner during intimacy, whether you are a sex toy aficionado or a first timer. This can drastically increase your chances of mind-blowing orgasms.

Stress Relief and Relaxation

Self-pleasure, masturbation, and orgasm lead to an increased production of mood-boosting hormones oxytocin and serotonin. These are the feel-good hormones that are directly linked to a reduction in stress and increased happiness and relaxation.

Improved Sleep

A study by Central Queensland University found that masturbation and orgasm before bed has shown to improve sleep, showing that sleep can be of a higher quality, deeper and you will fall asleep quicker. This is believed to be due to an increase in the sleep- inducing hormone prolactin which is produced during orgasm.

Improved Bladder Control

A strong pelvic floor can lead to stronger, more intense orgasms and during orgasm, pelvic muscles contract and release. This action which is similar to a Kegel exercise, is believed to assist in bladder control and pelvic floor health and overall strength.

Increased Vaginal Health

Women experiencing vaginal dryness due to menopause or as a result of an underlying concern, can benefit from the use of vibrators due to the body’s ability to promote natural lubrication. This can help with increased blood flow, sensation and sexual satisfaction, especially when paired with sex.

Top 5 Best Selling types of Vibrators


1. Rabbit Vibrators

This style is easily the most popular style of vibrator for women. It is straight to the point, gives great penetration and has “ears” for clitoral stimulation – hence the name rabbit vibrator. These vibrators don’t just vibrate though, they can thrust, twirl, twist and even heat up for those who desire some sensory based excitement. This rabbit vibrator is ultra popularPlayboy Pleasure - On Repeat

2. G-spot Vibrators 

G-spot toys are widely popular but not for the feint hearted! This type of toy is designed for direct g-spot stimulation of that elusive g-spot and will take you on a euphoric journey that may result in post session sheet changing activities. This type of toy often comes coupled with a rabbit style vibrator, wearable probe and specially curved g-spot dildos like this Avant Sun's Out
One of the latest pieces of innovation marvel is a vibrator that offers internal g-spot thumping like this toy by Adam & Eve or this thriller by Playboy. If you haven’t tried this type of stimulation you are missing out…

3. Remote controlled & App controlled vibrators 

These are well and truly locked in to the top 3 most favourites. They have many benefits among such a wide audience including FIFO workers, well-travelled corporates, content creators and even couples looking to spice things up. You can read more about the benefits of this type of toy here. These are widely popular due to the versatility and ability to be utilised over a long distance and during close contact partner play in addition to the ability to using this type of toy discreetly if your looking to add some spice to your night out. These toys have great accessibility, are generally always rechargeable and can be a great addition if you are looking for something that lets your partner take control.  This can be a great starter option if you are looking to explore this hands-free partner play - Satisfyer Mono Flex or if you prefer a fully insertable vibrating bullet, this is a GREAT choice - Playboy Pleasure Double Time.

4. Wand Massagers 

Also known as a vibrating wand, massage wand, vibrator wand and wand sex toy among other things, these toys are a must have for every collection. Whilst they don’t seem to be as popular, probably because they aren’t made for internal stimulation, these toys offer huge benefits. They can be used as whole-body massagers for both male and female, clitoral stimulation, penile stimulation and they can often even be sold with attachments for anal play. It can be a really great option for beginners, first time toy users and people that are looking for a mutli-use toy. The Vive Enora is a great starter due to its soft material and dual function including clitoral stimulation.

If you like this style but want something with extreme power, the vibrating wands are also sold as a corded option, and these are no joke! This Magic Wand is an OG and will knock your socks off.

5. Clitoral Stimulators 

Clitoral stimulators, clitoral vibrators and clit suction toys are hugely popular, especially among women who are looking for something that doesn’t involve penetration. Although this type of toy isn’t specifically a vibrator, many clitoral stimulators do have a vibration function built in and they are definitely a worthy mention. In our opinion, Satisfyer is the clear market leader with this type of toy and the Satisfyer Pro 2 Clitoral Stimulator is not to be missed. It has liquid air technology, app connectivity, a vibration function and the pulsating nature gives a sensual surge of pulsing water directly over the clitoris… I mean, it practically sells itself. 

If you were after a clitoral only toy that doesn’t have the vibration, this clitoral suction Rose by INYA is the perfect choice. Its small, discreet and the fluttering air sensation will have you arching your back in record time.