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App-controlled Vibrators and Long Distance Sex Toys

App-controlled Vibrators and Long Distance Sex Toys


App controlled vibrators and long-distance sex toys have been around since around 2013 and have developed rapidly ever since, to now being one of the hottest selling sex toys on the market. Since this type of toy has so much versatility and incredible functionality, It's no surprise that almost everyone that has a sex toy collection has either considered purchasing or has purchased a long distance sex toy, whether that's been a vibrator with app function, sex toy with remote or another phone controlled vibrator. They have fully adjustable vibration pattern and rhythms and some have music syncing capability and you can even download favourite or popular patterns! 

The technological advancements of remote control sex toys means you can give your partner an orgasm from the opposite side of the world... Imagine being in Spain and giving your partner in New Zealand a toe-curling orgasm by pressing a few buttons. The best part is, than range is absolutely MASSIVE! When we say long distance sex toys, we aren't just talking basic vibrators with app control, we are talking vibrating butt plugs, vibrating eggs, vibrating prostate massagers, and even app controlled male masturbators and cock ringsthe list goes on...

Not only are these toys ultra accessible, but there are so many other benefits that are being enjoyed by FIFO workers, Content creators and budding young couples looking to have a kinky dinner with a bit of a buzz thanks to the nifty inbuilt features.

It is well documented that maintaining connection and intimacy in relationships that are long distance or involve a lot of individual travel, like FIFO roles can be challenging and app controlled vibrators can be extremely beneficial in helping to maintain that connection, especially if you have the privacy to use the toys in conjunction with facetime so you can see and hear your partner as you control the vibrations. 

Content creators all over the world have been opting for app controlled vibrators more and more as they expand their online based offerings, giving their clients temporary control over the toys for a fee and in some cases being able automate the toys to commence certain vibration patterns based on the settings chosen. The industry has seen the popularity of this sky-rocket, further influencing the growth of the market but this also great for the average consumer because the technology is evolving with it.  

There really isn't any limit to the remote control sex toy range because of the huge range that is available and we truly believe this is a must-have in any collection, even for some hands-free solo play. There are no rules about how these should be used and they can definitely be used with no partner or a range of partners, depending on your preferences. Choosing the right one can be difficult, especially if you haven't tried one before but we are always available to answer any questions or the talk through the features of a specific product to help you decide. 

As a recap, here is 5 reason why you should by a remote or app controlled sex toy.

1. They can be controlled from anywhere in the world, as long as there is internet.

2. There is a huge range for both Him and Her making partner play not only a possibility but an essential for long distance intimacy.

3. They are a fantastic addition for content creators and cam workers to use with their audience or clients. 

4. Most of this type of toy has high accessibility and can be a great way to add some intimacy and pleasure if you or your partner has limitations.

5. They can be a super sexy way to spice up a night out or have some discreet fu and give the huge selection available, they are basically limitless.