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Dive into our collection of adult vibrators that prioritise your satisfaction and comfort, explore the excitement, find your perfect match, and embrace pleasure uniquely tailored for you.


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Online Sex Toy Store Australia

Discover pleasure at Mr & Mrs D's, your go-to source for sex toys in Australia, based out of the Gold Coast. Our passion lies in sexual pleasure and exploration, and we offer a diverse range of high-quality sex toys and wellness products for everyone.

Our curated selection caters to all desires, from vibrators that thrill to cock rings that enhance. Dive into new realms with prostate massagers, explore with anal sex toys, or indulge your fantasies with bondage toys. We prioritise safety, sourcing products only from reputable suppliers.

At Mr & Mrs D's, your fantasy is our pleasure. We provide a discreet, inclusive, and judgment-free shopping experience, whether you're solo or with a partner. Start your journey towards sexual fulfillment and wellness with us.

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Elevate and redefine pleasure with our cock ring, vibrating cock ring and penis ring collection, specifically designed for heightened satisfaction with diversity in mind.


Explore the intimate satisfaction of a range of prostate toys, prostate massagers, prostate vibrators & prostate dildos designed for ultimate pleasure, satisfaction and delight.


Reach new heights of pleasure with our range of male masturbators & male masturbation toys. Solo male masturbators cater to every desire and are designed with ultimate satisfaction in mind.

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